Handcrafted – A Sign of Quality

For centuries, work done by hand has guaranteed good quality. However, in times of growing competition and an ever increasing pressure to perform it becomes more and more difficult and rare. We had to think of new ways to keep our ambitious demands practicable. But traditional know-how combined with the courage to integrate new, ecological ideas have made it possible for us to stick to the approved techniques of our meticulous handiwork.




     Foto: Friedrich Schmitz


Individuality – Discover the Personality

Cultivating our vineyards, producing our wines in the cellar or dealing with our customers, we attach high importance to personal contact and individual care at any time. For each person, just like each vintage year, each vineyard site, each vine and each grape variety, has a character of its own. We must recognize and acknowledge it to achieve the best results – to your satisfaction and to ours


Clearness – Pure Quality for Brilliant Wines

Speaking of wine, clearness means more than mere cleanness in its making. It means catching the sun in your glass. It means stimulating your vital spirits with exquisite aromas. It means experiencing the touch of fruity light elegance.